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world-war-i-poster-1915-grangerHello to all our friends & readers!

Since someone asked us recently if it is possible to contribute to the HFC, we thought it a good idea to give a public answer here as well because… indeed that is something not only possible but something that would be helpful, too, and much appreciated!

The HFC depends on support and contributions to fulfill its mission – providing a comprehensive information service for the wargaming hobby from the gamer’s perspective. So everybody is invited to support us by sending in contributions in order to enhance and optimize our service. We are just two folks maintaining the site and once in a while we get an article or so sent over and we publish them (obviously we can’t pay the authors, we do this for the hobby and as a wargaming fan site).

Since we relaunched the HFC a few years ago, we are quite satisfied that our tour reports, reviews etc. are often read up to a 1000+ times in quite a short time (some got  up to 17000 views over the past years), so if you write an article about your favorite wargaming/history topic, want to share your impressions and emotions based on your recent tour to Normandy or wherever you’ve been lately, or a review about that game you so love, be it a board or card wargame, a PC title or console game (btw no matter how old, we still love these old AH or SPI games, so why not telling people why you think they are a classic?) and you don’t know where to publish it, or you don’t get enough readers on your personal blog etc. – send it in, chances are good we have the readers for it 🙂

So, if YOU want be an HFC contributor, the answer is yes, you can – become a part of the team, become a Guest Author and help us to help the gamers and to support “The Hobby”!


2 Responses to “Write for the HFC!”

  1. Perry Pender said


    How do I get to write a review of a game?

    many thanks


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