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In this section, you can find our articles, reports and helpful stuff about wargaming in general (for articles and information regarding specific games, check out our Games A-Z section).

Articles not written by us but taken from a third party are marked with the name of the original author. We asked them for their permission to publish their articles, of course. Please read the copyright disclaimer!

  • Wargaming Glossary, author: HFC.  A comprehensive glossary containing important terms and vocabulary concerning the whole (war)gaming topic. Everything you ever wanted to know and never dared to ask, so you are prepared for elitist conversation. If you think there’s a term missing, just drop us a line and we’ll add it.
  • Cat-Proof Wargaming! How to store a large game over several weeks without a dedicated gaming room and a cat who loves counters, blocks, and miniatures as much as you do!
  • Remembrance Day – The Longest Day! A counter today was a real soldier then.
  • The Rise and Fall of Wargaming, author: Alan Emrich. An interesting article by Alan Emrich, the co-designer of “Totaler Krieg”.
  • HFC Game-O-Meter: The HFC Game Complexity Rating, the concept, explanations and table! (HFC)
  • Introductions to the most important wargaming websites:
    • Consimworld: This is where the community meets – and talks about wargaming and all other vital topics. Even game designers and publishers join the discussion. CSW has become the no.1 forum and is a must for every wargamer. (HFC)
    • Web Grognard:The internet key location, offering tons of information about wargaming! If you can’t find it here, the information simply doesn’t exist (HFC)
    • Boardgamegeek: Game database with 45,000 listed board and card games. Information, files, comments, photos, player aids, forum, marketplace. (HFC)
  • The AREA Rating System: The Game Rating System. Established in 1974 by Avalon Hill, today the standard in wargaming (HFC).
  • Beyond the map:
  • Face-to-Face Netiquette: Facts, hints and advice for a better playing experience! (HFC)
  • Introduction to the most important Play-by-Email and Online-realtime tools:
    • Cyberboard: One of the best Play-by-Email-Tools ever with tons of modules  (HFC)
    • VASL: The ASL-Java-Tool for online/realtime and PbEM playing (HFC)

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