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OFP: Elite Custom Missions

Posted by Andreas Ludwig on July 26, 2010

Check out our Single Player Missions!

In this section we present HFC missions for Operation Flashpoint: Elite (XBox), created with the mission editor.

Our scenarios are extensively playtested and optimized and in addition, each mission is explained in detail in a HFC mission briefing file (PDF). Scenario files can be downloaded with Action Replay (AR) directly from the HFC server.

Make sure to download the appropriate mission briefings as well and read them before playing a scenario!

<<<—- If you played one of our missions, leave us feedback in the comments section!

General information about our mission design

There are two different sorts of HFC missions:

– Single Player Missions
– Multi Player Missions (none published yet; feel free to make your own missions and send them to us!)

There are three models of HFC missions:

– Single Mission
– Mini Campaign
– Battle Study

Each mission – Single Player or Multiplayer – belongs to one of three categories:

  • Single Missions deal with a single topic and once you complete the mission, this mission is over. A single mission isn’t connected to other missions; it’s a standalone mission that deals with a specific objective.
  • Mini Campaigns are missions which belong to each other because they tell an overall story. Since the Xbox Mission Editor doesn’t allow to create real campaigns (as the PC editor does), we are trying to tell a longer story by connecting a number of single missions. By playing them in the designated order, you actually have the feeling of being part of a larger battle where more happens than just what you experience in one single mission alone.
  • Battle Studies are two or more missions that describe the same battle situation. Each mission belonging to a Battle Study has the same outline, the same units, the same objectives, the same date and weather etc.., but allows you to see the battle from different perspectives. For example, you may play e.g. the „Cassino Battle Study“. Here the story deals with a Resistance attack against a rocky hill the Russians are using as a lookout tower. This Battle Study consists of three missions and all of them are identical thematically – except that in one mission, you are part of the Russian defense on the rock, trying to hold the position against Camels from above and an infantry assault from the base of the hill; in the next mission you are one of the soldiers trying to capture the rock and take out the Russians and in the last one , you are a Sopwith Camel Squadron Leader who tries to help his fellows assaulting the rock below him by bombing the Russian defense positions.

Click to check out our Single Player missions!

You are cordially invited to send us your own OFP:Elite custom missions (by email); they are already zipped and can be mailed as an email attachment.

Please include a mission briefing, following our guidelines pointed out in this article.

Recommended reading: Missions, briefings, and how to tell a story, our HFC mission article with some notes, background information and explanations

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Missions, Briefings and how to tell a story

Posted by Andreas Ludwig on July 20, 2010

The story of Operation Flashpoint: Elite is the same as in the original OFP game for the PC . It deals with a major crisis in the Soviet Union where politicians don’t agree with Michael Gorbatschovs „Perestroika“ philosophy. This overall situation is responsible for Moscow losing control over her military forces located near a group of islands and these forces (or rather their leaders) are supposed to be in touch with those in the Kreml who try to stop Perestroika and who want to take over the power from Gorbatschov. These soldiers are commanded by a General Guba and they are not portrayed like normal Russian units but more like a band of terrorists using strong military equipment and killing civilians in order to break their will. General Guba is actually preparing for an atomic strike against the West and so the story is about stopping this madman and his forces.

So, Operation Flashpoint is part of the hypothetical milsims because its story is about NATO vs. Russian units and the story is actually an interesting one, although it’s not the typical NATO vs. Warsaw Pact story told by other hypothetical wargames, since the islands are fictional.

Custom missions on XBox

After playing through the Cold War Crisis Campaign of OFP: Elite we started designing our own missions using the great mission editor included in this game, but we decided that these missions shouldn’t be unrelated to any storyline. The story told in the Cold War Crisis Campaign and the Resistance Campaign (these are the two big campaigns which are part of the game – Red Hammer campaign was not included in the Xbox version, alas) is about the above mentioned Russian units not obeying to Moscow anymore and acting on their own. Since the game allows total freedom in designing custom missions, we also wanted to tell a story with our self-made missions and therefore we portrayed a situation closer to regular hypothetical NATO vs. WP scenarios.

The mission editor allows dates from 1980 until 1989 and so we have 9 years as a timeline for a story which is told by custom missions and mission briefings. The background story is an attack of regular WP forces on NATO protected islands „somewhere“ (since the islands are fictional there’s no need to locate them in a certain region – we consider them to be located near a WP influence zone in the “real world”) as the start for a war which was believed to be actually possible for many years.

So there’s no role for General Guba as the leader of some disobeying forces, but this General is part of a story in which he is obeying orders directly from Moscow and the Russians are considered regular troops, convinced  by their propaganda that they are liberating people enslaved by capitalist forces. NATO, on the other hand, is responding to this attack according to their own principles and ideology.

Yes, it IS possible to transfer a complex command system to the XBox controller

We started to tell this story with some missions which are available for download here on our website. Generally, our missions belong to  one of three models: Single Missions, Mini Campaigns and Battle Studies (see explanation here).

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