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Review: Marvel Heroes (FFG)

Posted by Denny Koch on May 11, 2010

Game: Marvel Heroes

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Published in: 2006
Designers: Francesco Nepitello, Marco Maggi, Roberto Di Meglio, Salvatore Pierucci
Era: Alternative Reality (Marvel Universe)
Contents:1 Game Board, 16 Super Hero Figures, 4 Mastermind Villain Figures, 8 Dice, 12 Master Plan Cards, 24 Story Cards, 36 Headline Cards,12 Team Power-Up Cards, 50 Resource Cards, 10 Scenario Cards, 50 Villain Cards, 4 Team Reference Cards, 16 Super Hero Reference Cards, 4 Mastermind Villain Reference Cards, 1 First Player Token, 1 Archnemesis Token, 12 Combat Power Tokens, 1 Game Round Marker, 1 Action Round Marker, 4 Team Victory Point Markers, 13 Super Hero Wound/KO Tokens, 36 Threat Tokens, 52 Plot Point Tokens, 1 Trouble Level Track Marker, Game Rules

HFC Game-O-Meter: E

Our Rating (1-10):

Graphic Presentation: 9 (9*)
Rules: 6 (6*)
8 (5*)
Replay Value:
8 (5*)
Overall Rating:
8 (6*)

*Note: Rating (1-10) game with fixed Fantastic Four and clarified rules; Rating in brackets: game “out of the box” with unfixed F4 and rulebook

PRO Great presentation, very close to the comic books with authentic Marvel flair. Detailed and hand-painted miniatures, clever mechanics. The most important super heroes and factions are included in the game; good overall balance between X-Men, Marvel Knights and Avengers with tricky characters; strategic/tactical depth and variety
CONTRA The Fantastic 4 are out of balance and definitely overpowered; the rules contain many “black holes” and use imprecise wording; game is in fact a 2-3 players game because the F4 override the mechanics, playing these “Über-heroes” isn’t funny and interesting at all, rules clarifying and fixing required in order to play the game

Introduction: What is the game about?

One of the 4 "Mastermind Villains": Dr Doom

“Marvel Heroes” is a strategy board game based on the classic 616-Marvel Universe. Two to four superhero teams (X-Men, Marvel Knights, Avengers and the Fantastic Four) compete against each other in solving “headlines” while simultaneously fighting their respective Nemesis (Magneto, Kingpin, Red Skull and Dr. Doom) and other major and minor villains.

The main task is to deal with threats appearing all over New York City; these threats are of different types and difficulty levels. Each team consists of four members with certain strengths, weaknesses, super powers and special areas of expertise. In addition, each team member can be used either as an active fighter or as a supporter, which has a strong impact on their special abilities and roles in combat.

If you decide to fight a threat, you first try to lower the “Trouble Level” by using your different talents and abilities in the respective NYC district. Based on the final Trouble Level, a prominent lead villain from the Marvel Universe appears at the scene, often supported by other villains. Your task is to fight these villains by using your special powers against the villains’ special powers and to beat them in the fields “attack”, “defense”, and “outwit”.

Some hero miniatures: Spiderman, Dr Strange, Captain America, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops

Sometimes, a “Mastermind” is behind a threat – i.e. the super villain and Nemesis of the respective team. He can boost his subordinates and give them more advantages. After finishing off his infantry, the superhero team has to face the Mastermind himself. Over the course of the game, these Masterminds try to achieve a “Master Plan” consisting of three parts, while the superhero teams try to amass victory points by solving threats. Each player controls a superhero team as well as the Archenemy of another team. Due to this mechanic, all players are permanently involved in the game and have many ways of influencing the events and developments on the map. The final victory condition depends on the current scenario. In most cases, the game ends when a team collects a certain number of victory points or after a fixed number of game rounds.

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