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The HFC is mainly a wargame site and we usually play wargames of several sorts, but we also play other games sometimes and we are hardcore video gamers as well. Gaming is actually a big part of our life and since we share this hobby, it’s part of our relationship as a gamer couple :).

Because of that and since the HFC is also meant as something like our online gaming diary, we thought it appropriate to also write some reviews about video games from time to time. There are games out there that are interesting for wargamers, because they are actually wargames, e.g. tactical shooters or some sort of strategy games with a strong war theme, or because they are games that somehow fit into an overall strategy & tactics pattern. Many wargamers we know are also playing video games on PC and console and so some information on especially good or bad games may be of help to someone out there 🙂

For rating video games, we basically use the same ‘out of ten’ scoring system we use for our board/card game reviews because we think it’s an accurate scoring for these games as well, giving enough range for an appropriate judgement. We rate each video game in the main categories Graphics, Audio, Gameplay and Longevity and use these categories as a rough guideline for the structure of the review, but the text will not necessarily be written in a step-by-step arrangement based on these categories. While the summary will give you an idea on how we rate the different aspects of a game, the review itself is more a general impression and written accordingly.

The overall rating is our final scoring and here’s what we mean with the numbers:

10/10 -> Bloody Marvelous , you simply have to get this one or you miss sort of holy grail of gaming
9/10 -> Excellent, go and get this, gaming doesn’t get any better
8/10 -> Very Good, great game, you can’t go wrong here
7/10 -> Good, does most things right, some minor things could have done better, but no big deal really
6/10 -> Above Average, it works very well for the most part, has some problems that shouldn’t be there, but still quite fun
5/10 -> Average, you get the usual stuff, nothing new, nothing great, nothing too annoying, just…a game
4/10 -> Below Average, there’s some game in there, but the problems make it hard to see
3/10 -> Bad, problems of a different sort, boring, not really fun, not worth your money
2/10 -> Awful, crap, not worth your time and money
1/10 -> Broken, unplayable because of different reasons


Special case: shootersWhen it comes to shooters things get a bit more complicated than with other games, because there’s a trend in the genre to make the single player part of such games shorter and shorter and the multiplayer part much more elaborate. One may like it or not, it’s a given fact and many gamers actually seem to prefer the multiplayer online competition and don’t care so much about the campaign or story of a shooter, some even never really touch the Single Player at all and instead jump right into the multiplayer experience.

This attitude of many shooter gamers combined with the fact that often different developer teams work on the single player and the multi player part of a game, so that the quality of the SP and the MP can indeed be very different in the end, it is necessary in our opinion to give shooters a double scoring. So, when we review shooter games, we will test and score the Single Player and test and score the Multi Player part separatley, so that everybody who is not interested in playing the story can still see if the game might work for them or not as a multi player experience only. If you cram both the SP and the MP opinion into one overall scoring for such a game, then there’s the risk you have to downgrade a good multiplayer game too much because the story part is not really good, or vice versa.

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