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Link Overview

Attention! Links related to specific games can only be found on their respective HFC game micro sites!

Wargaming / Consim: general websites

This is where the community meets! News about The Hobby and a gigantic forum where you can talk to wargamers from all over the world as well as to game designers and publishers. Read our CSW Article!
Tons of stuff about boardgaming in general and about all kinds of wargames and consims. Files, photos, reviews, links, lists, forum… A short introduction to this website can be found here.
GHlogo1crop Wargaming website with articles and reviews. In addition, the site hosts a large, friendly forum for the dedicated wargamer. Talk about board games, card games, computer games, console games… and anything else a wargamer is interested in.
Great, highly professional gaming website for videogames, MMO, boardgames, and tabletop – instructions, downloads, reviews, videos, blogs, features, articles, news, reports… Especially interesting is the large forum with subforums for the most important boardgames and boardgame topics (ASL, VASSAL, Combat Series, Wif…)
“The” international tournament website: Boardgame Players Association, organizer of the annual World Boardgaming Championships, directed by Don Greenwood!
Main Page of the VASSAL Java engine (for PbEM and online gaming). Here you can find the game engine and many modules available for different wargames as well as the opportunity to look for opponents for a given game.
Very good PbEM tool, modules for many wargames available. Read our introduction to the Cyberboard program here!
Very good information resource site about wargames and wargaming in general done by Bill Thomson. A subsection is the Squad Leader Academy.
Web-Grognards Large database and information resource page about any wargame ever published! An introduction to this website can be found here.
AREA Rating System The international ranking system for almost any wargame! A comprehensive introduction to the AREA system can be found here  in our AREA-article.
World wide opponent finder for international opponents from 140 different countries, playing 2000 different games. Still around after 10 years!
Monster website about wargames and wargaming: Reviews, editorials, gamers network, files and a very good and lively forum
Motto: “We put YOU in command.” Armchair General Magazine covers military history but defines itself by putting the emphasis on involving the reader and features tactical situations which can be resolved by sending solutions to the magazine’s staff. Modern war is also discussed in the form of “dispatches” (news briefs), movie, video game and board game reviews. The website features complementary material as well as its own articles. With a large online forum community.
A wargame resource website, supply source for living rules as well as for rules and material for out-of-print games. Helpful tools and templates for map-building.
Infos, Reviews, FAQs, Cheats, and Walkthroughs for almost all computer and video games: first aid when encountering game problems. You may also exchange your opinions on different games here.

Wargaming / Consim / Military history related clubs and organizations

“Gesellschaft für Historische Simulationen e.V.” – Society for Historical Simulation. Largest German Consim club and organizer of the annual German “Hexacon” convention in Braunfels.
If you are interested in table tops, role playing games, LARP and all other kinds of games, check this out (German only!). Very lively forum, good articles and opportunity for live gaming.
VwC – Virtual Wargamers’ Club: Online-Wargame-Club with an eZine and 2-4 Conventions a year
Strategy Page collects and reports military news, photos and analysis, but presents them as “history”, not headlines. In addition, there are sections for wargaming, reviews of military films and books, discussions and much more!
Arbeitskreis Militärgeschichte eV. (Military History study group) promotes research and scholary exchange within the field of military history, history of war and confict in general from an interdisciplinary and diachronic perspective. English flyer (PDF)

Shops, Publishers, Game Designers

Quick as lightning – the online shop for wargames, consims and other games in Essen / Germany. Good service and tons of games, international shipping. HFC tested and approved!
Wargame, RPG and Fantasy boardgame publisher. Prominent block games are Crusader Rex, Richard III – The Wars of the Roses, or Hammer of the Scots
Dan Verssen, wargame designer and publisher. Information, downloads, shop, pre-order, and support. Famous games are the new, re-launched Down in Flames series, the Leader series or the Field Commander series.
Publisher of Arkham Horror, Doom – The Board Game, War of the Ring, Middle Earth Quest, Marvel Heroes, Call of Cthulhu – The Card Game, Warhammer Invasion, A Game of Thrones… famous for their opulent games and high-quality artworks. Website with shop, support, free rules downloads, articles, and lively forum
The Frontline General Series website: Reviews, tutorials, community, support, and a shop where you can preorder and buy all games by Collins Epic Wargames.
Downloads for gamers – print and play today! Internet resource for downloadable games and gaming materials for gamers and developers: complete games, professional gaming material, military reference material, boards, fonts…
Board game publisher, Publisher of the Memoir’44 series
UGG – Udo Grebe Gamedesign. Famous German game developer (e.g. Empires of Apocalypse Series) and wargame dealer with good connections to international publishers.
Al Nofi’s website. Game designer of Imperium Romanum II, military historian, author. Contains abstracts to many interesting books &  background information
The designer of Totaler Krieg presents background information about his games, wargame design, and about his lectures
Publisher of Totaler Krieg, Lightning D-Day and many other board and card wargames
Licence holder for ASL and publisher of different games, for example Up Front. The website offers free ASL stuff for download, and special offers, pre-orders, Q&A, and support
Canadian game designer and publisher of “World War II in the East” and “World War II in the West” – a very ambitious development based on the Axis & Allies system with counters. Main focus on WWI and WWII games.
Publisher of the John-Tiller-Series “Panzer Campaigns”, “Modern Campaigns”, “Squad Battles” and more computer based Hex’n Counter consims. Patches, demos, and updates available for download.
Publisher of The Russian Campaign (4th ed), Bitter Woods  (Deluxe Edition) and other high quality wargames
Phalanx Games, publisher of well known wargames, for example A House Divided (3rd ed) and the German and Dutch versions of  War of the Ring
Publisher of Blue vs Gray Deluxe, Down in Flames and many more games, for example Barbarossa to Berlin, block games and the C3I magazine
Scenario Design Center Providing free add-ons and (inofficial) support for HPS and JTS products. Downloads, gallery, FAQs, opponent finder and many helpful links
German game shop, fast and friendly, international shipping. HFC approved and recommended!
German game shop, board and card games, main focus on Euro games. In addition, the shop offers a small sortiment of consims and horror games

Army / Military field manuals / Strategical and tactical background articles

Military and Police Manuals A gigantic compilation of authentical army-/ police manuals for all kinds of strategical and tactical situations (…a wargamer has to deal with in his life 😉
Principles of War Collection of articles: Principles of War, German Tank Guide, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Infantry tactics…

Misc. and Off-Topic Links

Our webspace provider; HFC tested and approved! Webspace & Domains, reliable and safe.
Not a consim, not even a wargame, but a “Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse” – become a zombie or survivor and join the struggle in the city of Malton.
An international Society for everyone interested in James Cook (1728-1779). Membership is open to anyone interested in Captain James Cook, whether professionally or as a hobby. Your interests might be in animals, astronomy, birds, books, botany, coins, discovery, engravings, ethnography, exploration, family history, journals, magazines, medals, navigation, ships, stamps, wills, or zoology. You’ll find that the publication Cook’s Log covers all these subjects and more!
Founded in 2007, the Zombie Research Society (ZRS) is dedicated to raising the level of zombie scholarship in the Arts and Sciences.  ZRS Members represent diverse backgrounds, interests, and theories. The ZRS Advisory Board is made up of leaders in the world of zombie scholarship, and is charged with overseeing the strategic direction of the Society’s research efforts.

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  1. Was wondering if you would like to exchange links – I run the site: http://hist-sdc.com Scenario Design Center

    Steve Trauth

    • Denny Koch said

      Yes, of course, your website is certainly very interesting for wargamers, so exchanging links is a good idea! You can send me your logo or banner to webmaster AT homefrontcenter.de and I will add it to our link section. I will also send you our logo then.


  2. Denny Koch said

    Thank you for recommending your website, the link fits well into our link section – so we added it 🙂

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    Here is a link you might be interested in posting.



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