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Totaler Krieg by Email with Cyberboard

In order to play Totaler Krieg with the Cyberboard-Program, you need:

A review of the Cyberboard program can be found in our CB-Article.

The gamebox already contains the scenario file for the Standard Campaign Game.

An instruction to PbEM gaming of Totaler Krieg with Cyberboard can be found here.

The HFC constructed scenario setup files for some scenarios. The trays, force pools and cards are already adjusted, you just have to conclude the setup and create the game files. You can download these files and use them if you want to play a scenario (if you have problems with downloading a file, right-click on the link and use the “save as” option). If you creates new set up files, we will gladly add them here – if you already have done such setup files for yourself, please send them to us so we can add them to this collection!

Scenario Name Size
Scenario A5 The Roads to Ruin 12 kB
Scenario A8 Battle for Germany 13 kB
Scenario B2 The Road to the Rhine 11 kB
Scenarios C1/C2 The Russian Campaign 8 kB
Scenario D1 Kriegsfest 1: Götterdämmerung 10 kB
Scenario D2 Kriegsfest 2: The Reign in Spain 8 kB
Scenario D3 Kriegsfest 3: Case Bruder 8 kB
All Scenarios Zipped file containing all scenario files from above 28 kB

All scenarios were created for our personal gaming and we already used them in PbEM games. As far as we experienced, they are functioning and complete.

If you encounter difficulties while loading a start file, maybe you copied the file to the wrong location and it doesn’t have access to the TK gamebox. This access is vital because the scenario file gets its information about the map and counters from the gamebox. In one case we were informed of difficulties with running a scenario file, but the player reporting the problems had computer and Cyberboard problems in general.

If in doubt or having problems, have a look at the Cyberboard help file about how to load a scenario file, or ask at Consimworld . The programmers will gladly help you in the Cyberboard folder, which is located under the Computer/PbEM section there.

Note: There is a VASSAL mod available for TK, too, which is a great, new alternative to Cyberboard. It allows you java based pbem and online play on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). Check out the VASSAL website for more information!

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