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Operation Flashpoint: Elite

Developer: Bohemia Interactive (2005)
Publisher: Codemasters
Era: Cold War (1985)
Platform: XBox
Game Type: Videogame

HFC Game-O-Meter: N/A

Players: 1 player / console; 2-14 players in system link; online multiplayer

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Game Facts:

Developer: Bohemia Interactive (2005)
Publisher: Codemasters
Level: Skirmish
Language: English (German subtitles optional)
Game Type: Videogame (tactical shooter; simulative); Singleplayer and multiplayer
Platform: XBox
Cold War (1985)
Topic: Cold War Crisis: Russian Invaders vs. NATO troops; Resistance: Resistance warfare – local inhabitants vs. Russian Invaders
Technical Features:
System Link, XBox-Live, Dolby Digital, compatibel with Thrustmaster Fox Pro Flightstick and Racing Wheels
Contents: 1 DVD, Manual (21 pages, illustrated). DVD contains the main game (Cold War Crisis) as well as the Resistance add-on
Numer of Players:
1 player / console. 2-14 players / system link. Online Multiplayer (Xbox servers are down)
Duration of Mission:
Depends on the mission; from 10 minutes up to >1 hour.
Duration of Campaign:
Depends on individual playing style; Cold War Crisis ~15 hours; Resistance ~15 hours.
Difficulty Levels:
4. (“Veteran” recommended for realism)
Map Scale:
5 Maps (Islands); each map 100 square km; travel in real time
Unit Scale:
Single units (soldiers, cars, tanks, helicopters, planes)
Time scale per turn:
Not turn based; real-time


Articles and Stuff


  • Flashpoint 1985.com: The official Bohemia Interactive Website, containing the ultimate OFP Forum (PC and XBox). This is where you meet the community and where you find all relevant information.
  • The Avon Lady:  Mirror of a now defunct website of a dedicated OFP player from Israel. FAQ, pictures and tons of interesting articles!

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