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Marvel Heroes Mod

Skip Introduction, show me the modules!

Basically, Marvel Heroes, the Marvel Strategy Boardgame by Fantasy Flight Games is a very cool game with great ideas and some really fresh approaches. Unfortunately, the game suffers from various flaws which need to be patched. In addition, new stuff would provide for some long-term motivation (for more details, check out our review).

The overall production quality is good and we really like the miniatures and the cards artwork. Because we are hardcore Marvel fans, Marvel Heroes is a game we want to like and play – but unfortunately, unneccessary drawbacks and flaws are too annoying to enjoy the game “out of the box”.

Nevertheless, the game is too cool to be returned to the shelf as a “nice try, better luck next time” game. Since Fantasy Flight Games cancelled the support of the game, we gave up waiting for an official patch (which was promised by the designers and then abandoned). Instead, we began to develop various “mods” which enhance gameplay and spice the game. In addition, we wrote a patch to the basic game which fixes the rules problems and which clarifies the most problematic or easily overlooked or misunderstood rules.

You can combine all HFC mods with the basic game and with each other – or you can use only the patch or any single mod you like. Our mods have been playtested extensively and we use them ourselves each time we play the game.

We are still in the process of developing more modules and more stuff, such as scenarios (based on actual comics), additional cards, heroes, villains and more. Once a new mod leaves our test lab, it will be posted here. Until then, you are cordially invited to check out the patch which will fix the basic game, and the modules we published so far.

Feedback, input, and suggestions are highly appreciated; please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to leave some feedback of your gaming group’s experiences with out mods and patch.

  • Marvel Heroes Patch and Rules Clarification: This document fixes the rules problems, clarifies the most problematic, easily overlooked or misunderstood rules. Even if you don’t want to include any of our mod modules, using this patch for the basic game is highly recommended! (PDF, 190 KB)
  • HFC Module 1 – Combat Mod: This mod offers a new, more realistic, thrilling and interesting combat system which replaces the combat system of the original rules. Basically, we introduced a “Stun” result on ties which allows for new actions, depending on which side recovers first from the stun. You will see more Heroes and more Villains fighting each other, flanking attempts, interception by other Heroes or Villains or reinforcements in fights vs. Masterminds. If you think the basic combat system is somewhat lame and if you want more options and more decision-making, you should check out this module. We added two flowcharts which depict the changes in the combat system for easy reference. Note: you can combine the combat mod with all other modules, with the patch, the basic game or any other third-party-components which don’t change the combat system. (PDF with rules and flowcharts, 1.3 MB)
  • HFC Module 2 – Gambit’s Table: This mod introduces an Event Table named “Gambit’s Table” which supplements the Story Action. If you include this mod to your game, you get two options when making a story action: a) Draw a Resource card and manipulate the story track (according to the basic rules), or b) Roll on Gambit’s Table and manipulate the story track. This Table offers bonuses, surprises, and resources for your team – but rolling is always a gamble because some results include drawbacks for your team as well. Nevertheless, rolling on the table is tempting and the table can even help you in desparate situations, so if you decide to include it into your game, you will face some tough decisions when taking a Story Action. Note: you can combine Gambit’s Table with all other modules, with the patch, the basic game or any third-party-components which don’t change the Story Actions. (PDF, 212 KB)

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