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History of War

Card Game (Customizable)
Scale: Abstract; single units (tanks, ships, soldiers) represent units of varying size (battles are fought for cities, regions, or countries)
Theater: World War II: ETO and PTO
Publisher: alphabit
Year: 2003

Players: 2 (with Multiplayer variant)

Rules and Stuff

Bullets not marked with (HFC) are external links!


  • Review: Afrika (HFC)
  • Review: Pacific Starter Packs
  • Review: Axis and Allies Starter Packs


Rules and Stuff



  • Official History of War Website: game and card information, scenarios, rules downloads, forum, FAQs, Online-Shop. German website with a small English section. Online-Shop website available in English and German.
  • Official History of War forum. Discuss with the community and the designers. Separate German and English sections.
  • GNN – General News Network. The No 1 online portal for the History of War game system. FAQ, clarifications, deck-building, card-lists, introductions, historical background information, glossary, historical scenarios, community information, tournaments.. (German!)
  • History of War on boardgamegeek.com. Information, forum, expansion overview, files, images…

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