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Empire of the Sun

Board based Hex & Counter Consim (Historical), card-driven
Scale: Strategical
Era: World War II
Theater: PTO
Publisher: GMT Games, 2005

HFC Game-O-Meter: B

Players: 2


Bullets not marked with (HFC) are external links!

Game Facts:

Publisher: GMT Games, 2005
Level: Strategical
Era: World War II
Topic: PTO
Game Type: Hex and Counter boardgame, complex consim, card-driven
Game Design: Mark Herman, Stephen Newberg
Number of Players: 2
Contents: 1 rulebook, 280 9/16“ und 88 5/8“ counter, 2 strategy decks (82 cards for the Japanese player, 83 cards for the Allied Player), map (not mounted, 55×86 cm), 2 Player Aid Cards, one 10-sided die
Map Scale: 1 hex=250 miles
Unit Scale: Brigade, Division, Corps, and Army sized
Turn Scale: 1 turn=4 month
Number of game turns: Standard campaign: 12 turns. Shorter scenarios included.






  • Mark Herman’s website: Official website of the game designer, with some interesting EotS-Links
  • Official GMT Empires of the Sun website: Downloads, strategy and variant articles, cyberboard sets…
  • Boardgamegeek: Empire of the Sun: facts, information, downloads, photos..
  • Jan Meyer’s EotS Replay Website: A collection of replays including articles of typical “rookie mistakes”, carrier tactics, rules clarifications, and much more
  • EotS Consimworld Forum: Best and largest resource for rules debates, questions, replays, and discussions. Many seasoned EotS players including Mark Herman debate the game and offer their help to beginners! In addition, there is a “challenge match” where Mark Herman is playing publicly against CSW users – you can spectate and follow the rules discussions in the Japanese and Allied HQs

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