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Down in Flames series (GMT Games)

Card Based (Historical wargame), series consisting of 4 modules and several smaller expansions
Scale: Skirmish
Era: World War II
Theater: ETO (modules 1-2), PTO (modules 3-4)
Publisher: GMT Games (1993-2003)
HFC Game-O-Meter: C
Players: 2-8 (2 recommended)


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Game Facts:

Publisher: GMT Games (1993: Rise of the Luftwaffe, 2003: Corsairs and Hellcats)
Level: Skirmish
Era: World War II
Topic: Air Combat in WWII (ETO / PTO)
Game Type: Card based wargame system. 2 game modes: basic = dogfights (fighters vs. fighters), advanced = Campaign game (Fighters, bombers, historical objectives)
Game Design: Dan Verssen, Gene Billingsley, Rodger MacGowan
Number of Players: 2-8 (dogfights), 2 (campaign)
Modules: Rise of the Luftwaffe, Eighth Air Force, Zero, Corsairs and Hellcats. Minor expansions / campaigns (Air Umbrella over Dunkirk, Poland 1939, Winter War 1939-1940, Operation Pedestal Malta Convoy August 1942, Khalkin Gol 1939, Twilight of the Luftwaffe, and more. Including some Post-WWII expansions (Arab-Israeli War 1949)
Unit Scale: Single aircraft (fighters, bombers). Single pilots.



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