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ASL – Advanced Squad Leader

Hex & Counter Boardgame
(game system with modules)
Scale: Tactical
Era: World War II
Theater: ETO / PTO
Publisher: MMP Games
HFC Game-O-Meter: A
Players: 2 (some scenarios allow for team play)


Bullets not marked with (HFC) are external links!

Game Facts:

Publisher: MMP Games
Level: Tactical
Era: World War II
Topic: ETO / PTO
Game Type: module / scenario based Hex and Counter boardgame system
Number of Players: 2 (some scenarios allow for team play)
Map Scale: 1 hex=40 metres
Unit Scale: 10-12 men per squad, single weapons, leader, and vehicles
Turn Scale: 1 turn=2 minutes
Number of game turns: Depending on the scenario


  • The ASL Rulebook (2nd Edition) (HFC)
  • Module #1: Paratrooper Review (HFC)





Official publisher website

VASL - ASL online and PbEM

Desperation Morale Central, Mark Pitcavage's ASL resource website

Southern California ASL Club with tons of AARs and a publication ("Hit the Beach") for free download

  • VFTT – View from the Trenches: British ASL website offering lots of information and ASL stuff
  • ASL Grenadier: Annual ASL Tournament in Germany
  • ROAR: Remote On-line Automated Record, records game results and calculates scenario balance
  • Robert Delwood’s ASL homepage
  • One Response to “ASL – Advanced Squad Leader”

    1. Don lazov said

      Here is a link which has much modern user interface that in my mind replaces the old outdated 90s ROAR site: http://www.aslscenarioarchive.com/index.php

      The new and updated MMP site: http://www.multimanpublishing.com/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx

      ASL.NET : http://advancedsquadleader.net/index.php/Main_Page

      One of the top premier TTP Bounding Fire Productions: http://www.boundingfire.com/

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