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Games A-Z

Welcome to the HFC games section!

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HFC cat Troja and her favorite place in front of our games collection!

In this section, you can find our reviews, articles, and other stuff we produced for “our” wargames and consims (and, occasionally, for “off-topic but great” games). In addition, we collected useful links and interesting resources for each game which allow you to delve deeper into a game if we sparkled your interest.

We own many more games, of course, and will surely write and talk about them in the future when they return to or debut on our gaming table.

We have some favorite eras and topics (World War II, American Civil War, Vietnam War), but we also play wargames and consims dealing with other eras (Imperium Romanum II, Richard III) and even genres (hypothetical wargames and even wargames with futuristic or fantastic topics).

Our main focus are hex- and counter based boardgames and card-based or card-driven consims and wargames, but in addition, we love playing wargames and even ego-shooters on console (XBox 360) or hex-based simulations on PC (for example, HPS simulations). We also play some “Off Topic” games such as Arkham Horror, Call of Cthulhu LCG, or Marvel Heroes. Since this is “our” personal wargaming website, we won’t shrink from writing about these from time to time ;).

Let’s quote the great speech of the Sony marketing character Kevin Butler (portrayed by actor Jerry Lambert) given on the E3 2010:

What really matters is…the games. I love gaming. Every gamer is a true gamer. Deep down inside we all serve one master…one king…and his name is  GAMING.

Forever may he reign!!!

Comments, questions, and input are welcome, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

2 Responses to “Games A-Z”

  1. Jack Parks said

    where can I find the 3rd edition of War Without Mercy rules?

    Jack Parks

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