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Battlefields and Museums

The Bridge of Remagen

HFC On Tour:

Field trips to battlefields, museums, and other historical sites

From time to time, we leave our gaming table and visit a historical battlefield, a museum or another historical site, for example old Roman cities and excavations, or other interesting cities and places.

In this category, you can find our reports from these field trips. We hope you enjoy the accounts and pictures!

HFC on Tour: Historical sites and battlefields

Romans in Trier

HFC on tour: Other interesting locations

One Response to “Battlefields and Museums”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hello, my father Cpl. Garfield T Brown fought with the 1st Inf. Div. during The Battle of The Bulge. He is a Oglala Lakota Sioux from South Dakota, USA. He attended the 50th anniversary and the dedication of the monument to the Native Americans who fought in the battle. While there he befriended a young man and gave that young man his 1st Inf.Div cap. I would like to find this young man and get in contact with him. Also on 20 November 2013 I received in my dads honor THE CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL for being a CODE TALKER. A VERY GREAT HONOR.
    PO BOX 727

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