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Well, the blog structure of course makes it easy to leave a comment when you read a review or article and so get a discussion going. But sometimes folks might have questions not directly related to a text on the HFC site, so we thought it helpful to have a special section for such questions. Have a question about the HFC in particular, a certain game you can’t find discussed on our site or wargaming in general?  Looking for some specific information regarding  The Hobby?

We’re ready to get you an answer. Post your question here if you don’t think it fits to one of our other sections and we’ll post a response as soon as we can track down the answer.

So, ask away!

18 Responses to “Questions?”

  1. DAVID ANGUS said

    I asked about wargamers in the NY area, but did not identify myself; sorry. My name is David Angus and I am looking for NY gamers. Please write me about any or if I can start a group of my own. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous said

    Hello, There……I am a wargamer from N.Y. with a question:where can I find wargamers like myself in the NY area?

  3. Anonymous said

    I am trying to discover when The Remembrance Walk will take place in 2017 commemorating the Battle of the Huertgen Forest. I read that there was one in October of 2016.

  4. Rene said


    Ich würde gerne Deinen Link mit Banner (468×60) auf den Seiten der Tabletop Schmiede einbauen. Habe aber leider keinen Banner gefunden.

    Würde mich freuen, wenn Du auch unser Seite, eventuell auch mit Banner, verlinken würdest.
    Wenn Du uns gut sichtbar auf Deiner Startseite platzierst, wirst Dein Banner zusätzlich im oberen Banner Rotator eingebaut.


    Gruß Rene

    PS: Es sind noch nicht viele Links enthalten. Ich habe erst angefangen, diese handverlesenen Links einzutragen.
    Unsere Banner sind hier zu finden: http://www.tabletop-schmiede.de/ueber-uns/unsere-banner

    Gruß Rene

  5. rico said

    HI All

    I want to di-vest my entire SL, ASL, HASL, and DASL collection. All are complete with boxes in good shape and boards like brand new. The rule book is a little worn but updated (now fills 2 binders!).

    Here is the question – All my counters are combined. They are separate between SL and ASL versions, and the ASL versions are further divided by nationality, weapon type, etc.

    But all ASL units from all modules have been combined. I was quite fond of constructing mega campaign games.

    Do I have to sort all the pieces out to sell the games piece-meal? Or is it possible to find a buyer to take the whole lot?


    • Hi Rico,

      well to answer your question…it depends 😉

      On what I hear you ask…on how much you want for the stuff and what ‘combined’ actually means. Combined counters especially in a game like ASL with thousands of them is not really what I as a buyer would be interested in. To high the risk that important counters are missing and it is real work to get the counters sorted out – it wouldn’t be as bad if there’s a clever storage I buy with the counters but still…

      Yes, it is certainly possible to find someone who is willing to buy a mega-package, but don’t expect to get as much as for a collection that is complete and sorted out into the original modules so the buyer can easily check himself whether it’s complete or not. Vets will buy sometimes such all-together collections because one can never have enough counters but they won’t throw out what the stuff might be worth if sold separately. Ask yourself what’s more important for you – having the money or an easy way to get the collection sold, then you will know how to sell it 🙂

  6. vehrka said

    Hey Guys!

    I’d like to know if I can make a Spanish translation of Andreas post on “Playing ASL with VASL” for posting it in a couple of blogs.

    Of course I will mention the authors and link to the original post.


  7. Jason said

    Hi, I have the aliens vs predator card game, it sounds very much like space hulk, I have never played it and the sets I have are the core packs, I bought these god knows how many years ago when the CG’s were going mental with popularity, as far as I know you cannot get these new or second hand, I have searched for them and have never seen them again, I don’t get time to play card games, and as much as I would love to keep them these would be better in the hands of a serious collector.

    There are three packs.




    Each race has different goals, they have rules, dice and counters.

    You can have 2-3 players as far as I know and can play them in any order, so one player can be aliens and another predator or any other combination.

    How much do you think these are worth?.

    Thanks for any reply,


    • Hi Jason,

      thanks for your visit and your question. If you have been following the articles on our HFC website you are certainly aware that we are not into CCGs. We don’t like to buy packs with unknown content and so we were never interested in playing CCGs. The new format published by FFG – LCGs – is different and so we do play games based on this specific format. The Space Hulk Card Game you mentioned is neither a CCG nor a LCG, it’s a ‘normal’ card game and apart from some small mission packs published recently there’s not much to collect.

      AvP is a dead CCG, it never really started that well from the beginning although there are still fans out there playing and trading stuff – but there are also a few folks still playing Squad Leader instead of ASL 😉

      The starters won’t be worth that much I’d say, you would have more luck with some rare and promo cards. Sometimes these can be found on eBay and then they are sold as single cards (I have seen cards in the price range from 3 – 30 Dollars) for folks trying to get the cards they need for their established collection. Also since there are still people asking where to buy the starters, you could perhaps get a good price for the bundle of all three. My advice would be to go over to the Access Space forum (http://accesspace.proboards.com/index.cgi) and see what the players there can tell you. There’s a subforum as well just for trading/selling cards and sometimes people post list of their cards and get to know the worth of them by the other forum members. That would be the best advice we can give you on this topic. Good luck 🙂

  8. Denny Koch said

    Okay, we know, this place is meant for YOUR questions… but from time to time, we also have questions to you, our faithful readers!

    We are searching for SPI’s “City Fight – Modern Combat in an Urban Environment”. If you have a spare copy of the game, which you would sell or trade, please leave a comment!

    We assure you, your game will find a good and caring home 🙂

    • Thanks to Russ Gifford we now own the game and it’s not only an excellent mint copy, it was a gift and we only paid postage & shipping! Thanks a lot Russ, very much appreciated 🙂

      Denny & Andreas

  9. Kevin Smith said

    This is regarding Rise of the Luftwaffe versus Down in Flames: Aces High. I really enjoyed your review. I’m a long time owner of all of the GMT games in the series, and have recently renewed my interest in the game. My problem is that from reading both versions of the rules I’m finding that I like parts of each game system. I’m hesitant to order the DVG version, though, as I really want to utilize the GMT games.
    My question is would it be possible to incorporate pieces of the DVG verion in the GMT version?
    For example, it seems like it’d be fairly easy to put together some rudimentary rules for using attack cards to maneuver, assign a speed rating for each aircraft, and assign a damage rating to each aircraft based on the gun data. This info could simply be in the form of chits or counters that are placed on the aircraft cards. This would allow some of the improvements that the DVG game has to be incorporated into the GMT version.
    Do you think doing this would defeat any benefits of playing the GMT game?
    Thanks in advance.
    Kevin Smith

    • Denny Koch said

      Mmh, interesting question…! I also like parts of each game (for example, the new maneuver system, the new aircraft ratings in the DVG game vs the more complex campaign and bomber rules of the original game).

      I don’t know if mixing both games would work, though (at least not without house rules and serious rules bending). You could certainly develop house rules which allow you to integrate the new maneuver cards or the new aircraft (and corresponding rules) into the new game, or to play Aces High with the classic campaigns and full GMT rules.

      Nevertheless, I guess you will at least encounter balancing issues since the old GMT game was made with the original components (cards and aircraft ratings) in mind and Aces High plays quite differently with very different dynamics of flight and maneuver.

      Personally, I wouldn’t mix both games up (mainly because I’m generally too lazy to invent house rules and to brood over ways to make such a hybrid version work while maintaining game balance). Since I prefer the more complex rules of the GMT version, I would wait for Wild Blue Yonder while spicing up the DVG game with Dan’s new optional wingmen variant.

      I you aren’t fazed by creating house rules and by solving these kinds of issues, you could certainly try your luck and add DVG’s improvements to the original game. I cannot judge whether this would defeat any benefits of playing the GMT game, but I guess adding the new cards, the new maneuver system, and new aircraft stats will change gameplay, the “overall feel” and flight dynamics in a noticeable way (for the better or worse, I have no idea).

      When you managed to mix both games into a working hybrid version, please come back and tell us of your experiences! The basic idea sounds really interesting and is a cool variant for people who cannot decide which game they prefer because they like aspects from both games 😉

      I wish you a happy holiday season and good luck with your efforts!

      Denny Koch

      • Kevin Smith said

        Thanks for the response Denny.

        Actually, after playing RotL a couple of nights ago for the first time in years, I’m not so sure I’d change much after all. I think the maneuvering, restricted as it is, seems to work just fine. It’d probably be nice to have a little more granularity in firepower (as in the firepower and damage values from the DVG game), and it might also be nice to have more subtle speed differences, but I’m not so sure that the tweaks that DVG made are really needed.

        I want to get a few more games played before I jump into this thinking that changes are necessary.


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