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Here you can see the faces behind the HFC – the Team that collects and writes all this wargaming stuff for YOU.


Besides the HFC Staff, our supporters, friends, and publishers, there are more people who contribute to the Homefront Wargamer Center website.

As Guest Authors, they write about their favorite games and topics (which are often highly specialized), and help us to fill this website with content from their fields of interest – wargames, history, travel reports, reviews…

If you want to join the team and to contribute to the HFC website by writing reviews, articles about your favorite game, travel reports, drop us a line!

HFC Staff | Guest Authors

HFC Staff

Denny Koch

Location: Ahrweiler, Germany

Denny entered the wargaming world by playing video games (especially realistic tactical shooters such as Operation Flashpoint: Elite and Hidden & Dangerous) in the late 90s, and by a general historical interest in World War II, Ancient Rome, and the Vietnam War. She followed the “classic” wargaming career, starting with Axis & Allies and quickly progressing to Squad Leader and Up Front, up to Totaler Krieg and Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). Other favorite games include Imperium Romanum II, Empire of the Sun, Blue vs. Gray and Vietnam 1965-1975. Her focus of interest is on the strategical / operational level, preferable in a historical or hypothetical setting, but she generally is open to all kinds of (war)games – for example the Living Card Games by Fantasy Flight Games, Warhammer 40k or Arkham Horror. In addition, video games still play an important role; you can also find her in various online games like Call of Duty, World of Tanks, or Dark Souls II on XBox Live.

Besides the wargaming hobby, Denny is a huge Marvel comics fan (especially X-Men and spin-offs such as X-Factor, Wolverine, and Excalibur). In addition, she started learning Japanese some years ago, is a fan of zombie books and movies (currently writing a book about a zombie outbreak in her hometown). You will also often find her in ancient Roman archeological sites which are scattered all over her home region, the three-border-region between Germania inferior, Germania superior, and Gaul.

Hobbies besides wargaming are reading books (history and fiction), writing, playing XBox 360, computers, and listening to music. Denny is working as an IT system administrator in a company specialized in digital image processing and as a freelance geologist and paleontologist with GIS software (Geo Information Systems).

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Area ID # DK003

Andreas Ludwig

Location: Ahrweiler, Germany

Andreas stepped into this hobby in a fashion similar to Denny. He is very glad about not only having Denny as a partner to spend his life with but also as a gaming opponent. They prefer the same types of games, but Andreas favors the tactical level (which is also true in video games). Besides this, he also enjoys strategical challenges. In the past he was strictly focused on World War II games, but today he enjoys the entire wargaming spectrum, from hypothetical games over Fantasy games, from the Ancients to Vietnam War. For more information, check out his Consimworld Social Profile!

Besides the hobby wargaming he is an avid reader having a large library about many different topics, e.g. religion, buddhism, philosophy, spiritual teachings, magic, occultism, cults, (military-)history, fantasy, sci-fi, Tolkien, Marvel comics, astronomy, Blues, Harry Potter, Tom Clancy, and lots more. Likes music such as Blues, Tom Waits, Motörhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Rammstein etc. and sometimes classical music and really loves Whisk(e)y! It’s the perfect medicine and the fuel of life, it makes the lame to walk and the blind to see 😉

Andreas is a Scholar of Religions and works in different academic fields (occultism, neo-paganism, Shin-Buddhism). At the moment he is doing researches for a possible next book and runs a blog on the topic of Jodo Shinshu buddhism (only in German, though). The first book dealt with the “infamous” Aleister Crowley and can be ordered here at Amazon (it’s currently only available in German, too).

For a living he is freelance working for the oldest German opinion poll institute (Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach / IfD Allensbach).

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Area ID # AL008

Guest Authors

Besides onetime contributors who added an interesting article or information to this site, you will meet the following recurring guest authors:

2 Responses to “HFC Team”

  1. John DiPonio said

    Excellent site guys!!! I really enjoy the articles and the reviews! Your views seem to match mine as far as gaming goes and it’s nice to see such a cool refreshing site!


    • Hi John,

      thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation of our work, that’s something we like to hear of course 🙂 Great to know that folks out there actually can use some stuff here and enjoy reading our articles.

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