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Copyright Disclaimer

All articles, reviews and stuff on this website are © by HFC (Homefront Wargame Center). Copying, printing, distributing and publishing of our material or excerpts of our material on other websites or on paper or in printed media or reciting etc. is permitted only with reference to our authorship / copyright (HFC) and with reference to our website (http://www.homefrontcenter.de).

If you feel uncertain whether you are allowed to use our material for a specific purpose or on a certain occasion, just ask us! We won’t bite you and maybe we can get in touch and initiate a productive exchange or cooperation. Our hobby will profit from this anyway!

In our wargame career we collected different articles from the internet (even articles from unknown sources, especially in America), or from publications such as the General or The Wargamer. Some of this material was used, evaluated, collected, arranged and utilized for our articles or was the base for a deeper insight into the hobby. We think that we marked all used sources and quotations and referred to the authors – at least we tried to do so. If we missed to do so in some cases of if you get the impression that we stole stuff from a famous source and sold it as our own, then this wasn’t intentional and not driven by evil thoughts.

In some cases the sources of certain information which we used as a base of our wargaming material collection simply wasn’t known to us. If you discover material or quotations which was written by you or if anybody knows the source and we didn’t include it in our article, just send us a short message. We will glady include the author’s name and the source where an information was published in the first place, or even include a link. If the author demands that we eliminate such a quotation, we will do so immediatly. Nevertheless, the hobby would profit more if he allows us to use it and to include his name.

By utilizing (even unknown) articles, publications and material (mainly from american sources) on wargaming topics we didn’t intend to get rich and famous or to claim the merit, but it was meant as a gift to the community – we initially wanted to collect and evaluate the contents of different articles and to make them known to the German public who suffers from a lack of information regarding all wargaming topics. After the change to the current English only version of the website we of course saw no need to remove the articles and information since information about The Hobby is what we consider helpful for everybody interested in the topic.

Axis & Allies, ASL, Call of Cthulhu, Squad Leader, Up Front, Totaler Krieg!, Circus Maximus, Samurai Swords, World at War and other games described on this website as well as all related material are registered trademarks. All information relating to MB/Hasbro, Avalon Hill,  Fantasy Flight Games, MMP, Decision Games, etc. and other products on this and the following pages are solely intended for entertainment and informational purposes of the viewer only. All information is considered unofficial and any opinions expressed by this site are not necessarily those of Milton Bradley, MMP or anybody else. All used images, logos and names are subject to their respective copyrights. This website doesn’t want to violate any copyrights; if we did so, this was not our intention! This website was created by wargamers as a gift to other wargamers, we don’t make any profit or get money (but donations to cover our costs or game donations are welcome :). We do this to support the hobby!

Articles written by a specific author represent the author’s opinion only and not necessarily HFC’s opinion.

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