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“Worlds of Magic” – the spiritual successor to the classic “Master of Magic” announced!

Posted by Denny Koch on April 5, 2013

WoMWasteland Interactive recently announced the spiritual successor to the classic turn-based fantasy strategy game “Master of Magic“, a DOS game by Microprose, published in 1993.

Since Master of Magic is one of the classic turn-based 4x games of all time (there is a lively fanbase and an active community even today!), we were happy to learn that Wasteland Interactive plans to publish a new game in the tradition of the good old Master of Magic: Worlds of Magic. The game will combine classic elements of the original games (for example the randomly generated world maps and the heroes) with many new elements, an enhanced and revised game mechanics and rules set, and many expanded features. Technically speaking, Worlds of Magic will be an entirely new game, but the designers promised to hold true to the essence of what made Master of Magic great.

The turn-based 4x strategy game is set in a fantasy universe. Players will be able to rule over 6 factions, master 300 spells, and explore 7 planes of existence. The game will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

The game is launched as a Kickstarter project. If you want to support it, here is the link to the official World of Magic Kickstarter website where you can learn about the new game features in detail! More information, together with a video, screenshots, and wallpapers is also available on the Worlds of Magic website.

Update:  Successfully Funded!

3 Responses to ““Worlds of Magic” – the spiritual successor to the classic “Master of Magic” announced!”

  1. misternizz said

    You should check out Elemental: World of Magic some time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elemental:_War_of_Magic I would certainly call Elemental a spiritual successor to Master of Magic

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