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Posted by Andreas Ludwig on August 3, 2011

"Hey, you see that sign over there? HFC will be back soon!" - "Really? Cool!"

…just a quick note about the lack of activity that you may have noticed here on the HFC website for some time. Real life got a bit busy due to our jobs and because Denny decided to move her HQ closer to my area of operation which in fact means she’s moved to a lovely old house just 2 minutes away from my Rohan battle hall 🙂

That will give us even more opportunities to play our games together and we do have some great ones sitting on our shelf that will be tested and getting in depth reviews. Also we plan to expand our gaming to the whole wargame universe which means we’ll add tabletop to the hex ‘ counter consims, LCGs, board-/card based wargames and the rest we already play regularly. We are currently reading anything we can get about the huge Warhammer 40k universe and have already decided with which factions to begin our journey into this new area of our hobby, so prepare to read some AARs about fierce Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines battles.

We are in the end phase of the renovation now and hope to get back to our old and new games (which we really miss to play…) and the usual support of our hobby with infos and stuff here asap. So stay tuned and expect the Homefront Wargame Center to move into gear again soon!

Thanks for visiting our website!

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