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Gears of War – The Boardgame!

Posted by Andreas Ludwig on May 18, 2011

As fans of the Gears of War videogames, I remember that a good while back we were really excited to see a small section over at FFG that said there was a GoW game in the making. We read that little news years ago and although it was still there in the deep dungeons of the FFG forum, nothing happened for years…

…but now we are even more excited than ever before. The game lives! It will be published by FFG and from what we can read in the official announcement, it could become truly epic and glorious. It will be designed as a COOP game, something we greatly appreciate and which perfectly fits the nature of the videogames and it seems the Locust (the enemy species in the GoW universe) are controlled by a good paper AI.

So Gears all over the world, prepare yourself to be ready when the great battle is fought not only on the screen with the final episode coming this year, but also on your… gaming table!

Check out the recent information about the game here!

And if you want more detailed info on everything Gears then check out Gearspedia!


The rules can be found here and there’s a FFG video now available about the game…

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