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A Sign of Life from the “Lord of the Rings” Living Card Game (FFG)!

Posted by Denny Koch on November 30, 2010

News from Fantasy Flight Games regarding the eagerly awaited “Lord of the Rings” Living Card Game!

The game (which was initially announced for the “holiday season 2010”) appears to be published “later this winter“. In a new preview article, Fantasy Flight Games introduces the scenario driven concept of the Living Card Game and describes how the “Quest Deck” works.

In addition, FFG announces a series of previews which will deal with several aspects of the game. A large overview which explains the cooperative gameplay mechanics was published in August. Since then, news were scarce. New previews and the “later this winter” announcement aroused anticipation and new discussions among players and fans about the fourth Living Card Game.

You can read the latest preview here. We don’t think that the game will be published before Christmas, but rather in early 2011.

We will inform you as soon as there are new information regarding the release date or new previews available!

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