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A Game of Thrones (LCG): Official FAQ updated and news

Posted by Denny Koch on November 3, 2010

A new version of the official FAQ & Errata is online!

Fantasy Flight Games published a new version of the extensive A Game of Thrones (LCG) FAQ. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, downloading this FAQ is imperative because it contains very important rules clarifications, errata, and additional rules not mentioned in the basic rulebook (for example, the Moribund state).You can download the updated FAQ & Errata here (PDF,1.2 MB).

In addition, FFG published new tournament rules (PDF, 3.0 MB).

The 2010 World Championships are over. If you are interested in the top 8 decks, check out the official tournament page with a detailed list of all 8 winners’ decks. Interestingly, 26% used House Martell, followed by 21% House Stark. 16% played with Baratheon and Lannister, 14% Targaryen, and 7% House Greyjoy.

You can still pre-register for the “Days of Fire and Ice” event in the FFG Event Center (November 12th-14, Roseville, MN). The schedule of the event includes tournaments for all A Game of Thrones games, game introductions, seminars, and meeting with author George R. R. Martin who will sign autographs, answer questions, and will read from his books. The schedule can be downloaded here (PDF).

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